"O Lord, you are our father; we are the clay and you the potter: we are all the work of your hands." -Isaiah 64:7

Welcome Back to School!

Splatter painting done by last year’s 6th graders, cross built by two of last year’s 5th grade boys:IMG_4716

Artwork inspired by Henri Rousseau’s jungle scenes: At the end of last year, 3rd grade students studied Rousseau and created an endless variety of jungle plants and animals doing silly things, the way Rousseau would sometimes do in his work.IMG_4717 IMG_4718 IMG_4721 IMG_4722 IMG_4724 IMG_4725

Duchesne Award Winners

Congratulations to the 8 students (one not pictured) who won awards at the annual Duchesne Art Show!!! We had 6 win Tres Bien Awards, and 2 win Judge’s Choice Awards (which are VERY select!) Great job, guys!!!

Did you know that March is National Youth Art Month? It’s an annual observance of the importance of art education and meant to support quality art programs in schools. Two CTK students were selected to have their art displayed in the state capitol building and they will get to go to a very special reception! Good job, girls!

2nd Grader with her abstract painting

2nd Grader with her abstract painting

3rd grader with her colorful landscape

3rd grader with her colorful landscape

Donation Creations!

In honor of Catholic Schools Week, CTK students competed in a food drive and sculpture contest. Classes and groups of boys and girls used the non-perishable food items they collected to make these “Donation Creations.” All food items will be donated to Sacred Heart “Heart Ministry.”

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Msgr. Hanefeldt

CTK is having an art contest! In honor of Catholic Schools Week and our new pastor, Msgr. Hanefeldt, we are going to have a portrait-drawing contest! CTK students from any grade are welcome to participate.

-Draw/paint/color a portrait of Msgr. Hanefeldt. Use the picture in this post.
-Use any 2D media (pencil, crayon, colored pencil, paint, etc) on 12×18 paper.
-Tracing or projecting of the image to trace is not allowed.
-Entries are due by Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14th)
-Turn in to Mrs. Conway by Valentine’s Day!!!

See Mrs. Conway for more info, or to pick up a paper to use!

Exemplary Work!!!

Here are a selected few EXEMPLARY Semester Projects! Remember that these are done by students on their own time, without my help. Yup- this is ALL them!

Here they are, folks! Photos of our first batch of Semester Projects. (I first posted about this assignment here.) Please keep in mind that a lot of students chose to write reports, and those don’t make for the most exciting photos… These are only pictures of artwork made. In this gallery, you will see ALL of the art projects turned in.

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Second graders traveled to the beautiful country of China and discovered the ancient art of pottery. They realized how smart the Chinese people were long ago when they invented a beautiful new type of clay called porcelain. Some of the most recognizable and valuable porcelain from this country is blue and white china made as early as the 14th century. We cut out and painted our own blue and white porcelain vases.


IMG_4341 IMG_4339 IMG_4338 IMG_4337

4th Grade Engineers

In the art room, Students sometimes finish their work a little early. I usually let them use how-to-draw books, origami instructions, free drawing, etc. But sometimes, I let them get out something from the Creative Corner! This is a curtained bookshelf containing lots of fun creative games, like Pictionary, an old Etch-a-Sketch, and Kinex. I let these 4th graders use the Kinex today and these boys were extremely proud of their “18-wheeler.” I promised I’d post, so here you go, guys!


Also, here’s the video I promised. Sorry it’s sideways! I’m not *the best* techie person…

Sixth Grade Pop Artists

Sixth graders learned about Pop Art and super-famous artist Andy Warhol. They studied his artwork, which included a lot of repetition and flat, bold colors. He was interested in making art the way a factory makes soup cans: one after the other with lots of people helping. Who says a work of art has to be “an original” to be great?!