"O Lord, you are our father; we are the clay and you the potter: we are all the work of your hands." -Isaiah 64:7

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Semester Project Time!


Each semester, middle school students do an art project on their own time. They have free reign to do anything they’re interested in! It’s their chance to show me what they like and where their talents are hiding. I have seen everything from a welded cross to a quilted pillow. I often get plenty of canvases and drawings, photography and even quite a few research papers. It’s actually FUN to grade this particular pile of work! Check back soon to see a gallery of exemplary projects…………

“Don’t dump your tea!”

Art class is a place to let your imagination run free, to get inspired, and to speak in a visual language. Talking during work time is a natural privilege that helps with this process (not to mention the practical “please pass the blue crayon” moments). But sometimes we can get a little carried away…

For each class, I write the letters ART on the board. The three letters equal three warnings to quiet down before we have silent art. They also equal points that are added up each quarter for “prizes” like free choice seating day, splatter paint day, art game day, etc… I had three classes who didn’t lose a SINGLE LETTER during the first quarter! Way to go, 1A, 6AD, and 7AD!!!

Who Needs a Lightbox?!

Who needs a lightbox when you have all these amazing windows right outside the art room?! Students use them to trace their artwork.