"O Lord, you are our father; we are the clay and you the potter: we are all the work of your hands." -Isaiah 64:7

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Draw Your Dreams Art Contest

Check it out… Students in Nebraska, grades 1-8, could win a $1000 scholarship in this art contest!!!

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 9.47.52 PM

News article here: http://www.ketv.com/news/nebraska-students-can-win-scholarships-with-art/27834946#!bPqG9Q

Details here: http://treasurer.org/news/2014/20140827.asp

Rules & “the fine print”: http://treasurer.org/cs/scholarships/drawYourDreams/DrawYourDreams2014RulesFinal.pdf

Random Acts of Creativity 1

While on recess duty today, I spied a big huddle of kids at the edge of the blacktop. Suspicious, I did my fastest teacher hustle over there and was relieved and delighted in what I saw: the boys & girls were working together to build a nest/ jacuzzi/ house/ ring of asphalt chunks complete with sticks, leaves and acorns. SWEET! Creativity, cooperation, & problem-solving at work! I felt like a proud mama bear.

I’m hoping this happy discovery becomes an everyday thing around CTK. I mean, I know these kids’ imaginations are out of this world- I just love catching them in action OUTSIDE the art room! So, I’m hoping this post is just the first in a series of Random Acts of Creativity!


PS- who says braids aren’t creative too?!


I’m Baaaaaack!

Woo hoo! School has begun! It’s been a very long break for me since I was on maternity leave from Spring Break all the way through Summer Break. I’m soooo ready to get my hands dirty (quite literally) in the art classroom! Here are just a couple of pictures from the first few days of school…

5-6 drawing in gym

Here the entire middle school is having a drawing contest to show the proper (and improper!) ways to wear the uniform.

This is the start of our beginning-of-the-year schoolwide collaborative project. We're going to fill up this tree with leaves, flowers, animals, and anything that grows!

This is the start of our beginning-of-the-year schoolwide collaborative project. We’re going to fill up this tree with leaves, flowers, animals, and anything that grows!


September 11 Flag Retirement Ceremony

It’s amazing what power art can hold. In 1776,  Betsy Ross put together three symbolic colors and shapes that, though the arrangement changed as our country grew, can still bring a shiver and a tear to those watching them wave in the wind. Our flag is one of the strongest, most enduring pieces of American Art and today, at Christ the King, we had a very special ceremony to celebrate it. We lowered it to half mast as bagpipes played and students, parents, teachers, and valued servicemen and women watched. We remembered those who lost their lives on this day in 2001 and prayed for peace in the world, thanking God for the freedom he has blessed us with. We burned old flags that served us well, using their symbolism as a daily reminder of our love for God and country.IMG_4776 IMG_4779 IMG_4782 IMG_4784 IMG_4788 IMG_4790 IMG_4791 IMG_4795

Welcome Back to School!

Splatter painting done by last year’s 6th graders, cross built by two of last year’s 5th grade boys:IMG_4716

Artwork inspired by Henri Rousseau’s jungle scenes: At the end of last year, 3rd grade students studied Rousseau and created an endless variety of jungle plants and animals doing silly things, the way Rousseau would sometimes do in his work.IMG_4717 IMG_4718 IMG_4721 IMG_4722 IMG_4724 IMG_4725


Duchesne Award Winners

Duchesne Award Winners

Congratulations to the 8 students (one not pictured) who won awards at the annual Duchesne Art Show!!! We had 6 win Tres Bien Awards, and 2 win Judge’s Choice Awards (which are VERY select!) Great job, guys!!!

Congratulations, Youth Art Month entries!

Did you know that March is National Youth Art Month? It’s an annual observance of the importance of art education and meant to support quality art programs in schools. Two CTK students were selected to have their art displayed in the state capitol building and they will get to go to a very special reception! Good job, girls!

2nd Grader with her abstract painting

2nd Grader with her abstract painting

3rd grader with her colorful landscape

3rd grader with her colorful landscape

Donation Creations!

In honor of Catholic Schools Week, CTK students competed in a food drive and sculpture contest. Classes and groups of boys and girls used the non-perishable food items they collected to make these “Donation Creations.” All food items will be donated to Sacred Heart “Heart Ministry.”

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Catholic Schools Week Portrait Contest!

Msgr. Hanefeldt

CTK is having an art contest! In honor of Catholic Schools Week and our new pastor, Msgr. Hanefeldt, we are going to have a portrait-drawing contest! CTK students from any grade are welcome to participate.

-Draw/paint/color a portrait of Msgr. Hanefeldt. Use the picture in this post.
-Use any 2D media (pencil, crayon, colored pencil, paint, etc) on 12×18 paper.
-Tracing or projecting of the image to trace is not allowed.
-Entries are due by Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14th)
-Turn in to Mrs. Conway by Valentine’s Day!!!

See Mrs. Conway for more info, or to pick up a paper to use!

4th Grade Engineers

In the art room, Students sometimes finish their work a little early. I usually let them use how-to-draw books, origami instructions, free drawing, etc. But sometimes, I let them get out something from the Creative Corner! This is a curtained bookshelf containing lots of fun creative games, like Pictionary, an old Etch-a-Sketch, and Kinex. I let these 4th graders use the Kinex today and these boys were extremely proud of their “18-wheeler.” I promised I’d post, so here you go, guys!


Also, here’s the video I promised. Sorry it’s sideways! I’m not *the best* techie person…