"O Lord, you are our father; we are the clay and you the potter: we are all the work of your hands." -Isaiah 64:7

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Our Crazy Kindness Tree is done!


Here’s the whole thing! I just love how silly and wild it is.

We’ve finished tacking up all our silly creatures & features around our kindness tree. Love the freedom and imagination!


A few of the “insects”


Gotta have a couple Disney characters in there…


Sasquatch hanging out by the campfire


There’s even a cloud hanging from the ceiling!


The boy who made this dangling spider was so excited and proud of himself 😀 ❤

Dale Chihuly Collaborative Sculpture

Hot, molten glass, bright colors, unusual forms and monumental scale impressed art students in September! We learned about the master glass blower Dale Chihuly and his work. Inspired, we worked as a community, just as Dale does, to create two large “chandeliers” for the art room this year! Each student made a spiral or “macchia” (one of Chihuly’s forms that somewhat resembles a fluorescent taco salad shell) and used heat or simple cutting to turn their 2D shapes into 3D forms. The 8th graders assembled and hung (well, really the hanginig part was done by Mrs. Conway up on top of a table with a hammer…) the pieces in two of the art room skylights. We love coming into the art room every day greeted by beautiful colors dancing through the light!

IMG_4841IMG_4840  IMG_4842 IMG_4843 IMG_4844

Exemplary Work!!!

Here are a selected few EXEMPLARY Semester Projects! Remember that these are done by students on their own time, without my help. Yup- this is ALL them!

Semester Project Showcase

Here they are, folks! Photos of our first batch of Semester Projects. (I first posted about this assignment here.) Please keep in mind that a lot of students chose to write reports, and those don’t make for the most exciting photos… These are only pictures of artwork made. In this gallery, you will see ALL of the art projects turned in.

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Fifth Graders Proudly Display Their Coil Pots

You might remember when I was gushing over one of my favorite projects in progress… Well, our coil pots are finally glazed and on display! These turned out great this year.

Semester Project Time!


Each semester, middle school students do an art project on their own time. They have free reign to do anything they’re interested in! It’s their chance to show me what they like and where their talents are hiding. I have seen everything from a welded cross to a quilted pillow. I often get plenty of canvases and drawings, photography and even quite a few research papers. It’s actually FUN to grade this particular pile of work! Check back soon to see a gallery of exemplary projects…………

Fifth Grade Masks

Fifth graders looked at masks from many different countries and cultures throughout the world, and discovered their uses and important meanings. Many masks, now and in the past, are used for ceremonies; from Baptisms and funerals, to a girl’s first nose piercing or a boy’s painful initiation ceremony into manhood. We chose important events in our lives and made our own symmetrical masks using animals to symbolize these events.

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Fifth Grade Coil Pots {sneak peek!}

Oh, the beauty of rustic red clay, twisted and layered into coiled [im]perfection! One of my favorite projects. Here’s a post-firing, pre-glazing sneak peek: