"O Lord, you are our father; we are the clay and you the potter: we are all the work of your hands." -Isaiah 64:7

As I enjoy my morning without students on this in-service day, preparing for parent-teacher conferences, I remembered this blog post I came across a few weeks ago. I thought it was great timing, as I had my middle school students reflecting on their work so far in art this year, to share some tips with parents to help you talk with your kids about their art. Sometimes they’ll bring home a little drawing that may not look like much, but there’s a reason behind every color choice, scribbled line, and shape on that page! Here are some great tips for how to talk to your child about art:

(Hint: leave it open-ended!)

How to develop Critical Thinking Skills

10 Questions to Ask Your Child About Their Artwork

1. What can you tell me about your picture?

2. What materials did you use?

3. Where did you get your idea?

4. What is your favorite part of the picture?

5. What title would you give this picture?

6. If you were doing this picture again what you change or do differently?

7. Why did you use the color… (insert color)?

8. What if…. (you had used the color red instead of blue or paint instead of pencil)?

9.  How did you….(make these lines, decide on these colors, or create that shape)?

10. If you had more time what would you add to your artwork?

Encourage your child to elaborate on their answers or use the artwork as a starting point for telling a story. Open ended questions will help develop critical thinking skills in your child . By taking an interest in their work you are supporting them and helping them express their own ideas.

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